1. #AmericanIdol


#AmericanIdol - Sea of Satellites

You see the TV want to be a star?
That shit looks easy, yeah you’ll go far
You’ve got that smile and the sexy charm
Don’t let them break you, be who you are.

Lights camera action and you got the part
You sign the line and light the big cigar
The shiny lights and all the fancy cars
But people really don’t know who you are

Hey What’s the worry, why you in a hurry man
They're gonna make you be a big rock star
Hey whats the hurry, why you even worried man
They're gonna make you into who you are

Their dirty fingers in your money jar
They took your life and then they stole your heart
A fake facade is all they really want
You come to terms and don’t like who you are

They're gonna make you and they will break you
They're gonna doll you up